Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wesley's first pet therapy visit

I had to evaluate a dog for pet therapy today so I asked the activities director at the facility if I could bring Wesley along and let him come in and visit to see how he would do. I can definitely say being a pet therapy dog is in his future. He was absolutely wonderful and everyone just fell in love with him. He walked down the hall on a nice loose leash and stood very nicely for petting. He thoroughly enjoyed himself and I was very proud of him.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wesley brag

Wesley and I went to some UKC shows this weekend and he is now U-CH Blackthorn Ravenwood Come Fly With Me.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Pictures from Catonsville

We went to some shows this weekend. I had recognized that Wesley needs some more time to mature but I didn't want to pull him and possibly break the majors so we went for the practice. He showed very well and the Friday and Saturday judges did give him a good look. I'd show to them again when he grows up a little more. It was his first time at an indoor show and he handled all of the noise and activity very well. He did have a grand time meeting new people and new dogs. He loves motels since there are always people around who want to pet him. Here are some pictures that Linda Davis very kindly took of him while he was in the ring. Thanks, Linda, both for taking the pictures and being generous enough to share them. BTW, he is waiting for the exam in the first picture and the BOW sign just happens to be in the picture. He only won his class.

There are a few more pictures at  including one that shows how well-behaved he is for the exam.

He will be starting an obedience class the first week of November and one of the clubs will be having run throughs in November and I will take him for rally and obedience run throughs. I'm not in a hurry for him to grow up. The ones that mature slowly tend to be the ones that hold together really well as they age. I'm having a lot of fun with him and am delighted with all of the nice compliments he gets.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Rally trials

Harry went to rally trials Friday and Saturday and earned 2 legs towards his RE. He hasn't been out since last December and he was somewhat stressed Friday. Yesterday he worked much better. However, the judge was apparently not releasing dogs from the honor until the handler of the working dog had reattached the leash. The honor is supposed to end when the working dog passes the finish sign at which time the honor steward says return to your dog. The finish sign was only a couple of feet from the rear of the honor dog. The working dog was a giant breed dog that was heeling wide and while the handler tried to attach the leash the dog swung his butt around and nearly stepped on Harry's tail. Harry got up which should have been okay since the exercise was over but the judge still took off 10 points. Why have an honor steward if you aren't going to have them do their job and why put the end of the course that close to the honor dog? I have been seeing that tendency more and more. The honor is crammed up against the ring gates and the working dog comes very close. Rally is supposed to be lower level competition than obedience and we never have a working dog coming up behind the dogs doing stays in obedience. It seems we, as rally judges, should be able to design courses that keep the dogs safely separated. I have seen a number of dogs that are really not under control off lead that have made it to rally excellent. I hate to think that one of these dogs would interfere with the dog doing the honor.

Friday, October 7, 2011

ODKC pics

Award winning photographer Linda Davis snapped a few candids of Wesley at the ODKC show 10/02 and has vey generously allowed me to post them to this blog.