Sunday, August 21, 2011

STAR Puppy Pictures

Wesley's STAR Puppy medallion and certificate came yesterday. Here are some pictures.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday Pictures

Wesley has been doing a nice running dogwalk (baby dogwalk.... 8' boards and only 2' high) for quite some time. Today I put the a-frame down as low as it goes to see what he would do with it. I had him on lead as I placed one of his favorite tug toys on the ground and then took him to the other side and removed the lead. He raced right over the a-frame to get his toy.

After about 3 repeats, he raced to the other side, snatched up his toy, wheeled around, and came right back over the a-frame in the opposite direction. He is so clever.

We will not be doing much work on the a-frame until he is older but I want him to be familiar and comfortable with racing across it.

After his little agility session, he practiced some stays with his good buddy and mentor, Jamie.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wesley at 5 months

Wesley is 5 months old today. Comments welcome. I think he is amazing.

Nori Update

Nori seems to be recovering well from her TPLO surgery. The incision is healing nicely and there is no longer any bruising or swelling on the leg. She is putting weight on it. The difficult thing is going to be keeping her quiet for the next 2 months.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wesley Class 7

I was very pleased with Wesley at class last night. The instructor introduced shaping to the class. Of course, I started shaping with him in the hotel the first night I had him. The idea in class was to teach a puppy to go to place inside a hula hoop that was flat on the ground. Wesley has been taught to go to so many things that he ran to it the second it hit the ground. I clicked and treated by tossing his treat away from the hoop. He snatched up the treat and ran right back to inside the hoop. With a few C/Ts he was happily racing to get in position. I didn't want to overdo this as I limit shaping sessions but since other puppies were still working I decided he could learn to go back and forth through the hula hoop. I had the bottom of the hoop resting on the floor. He looked at the set up and then poked his head through the hoop...C/T. I tossed the treat and he raced back to try again. This time he immediately started through the hoop so I clicked and tossed the treat ahead of him so he could finish going through. Within a few C/Ts he was happily going through the hoop from both directions. We also worked on some right side heelwork which he has also been doing since I brought him home. He can change sides by doing a single leg weave, a spin to the outside (good skill for rear crosses), and by turning towards me as I turn towards him. He loves heelwork games. Once again we turned the puppies loose to run and play and he didn't leave me until I gave him permission to join the play group. He comes when called out of the play group. He plays beautifully with the other puppies. I am so glad he is in a class with other sweet, social puppies. They all display very nice greeting and play skills. His heelwork was good as were his stays. He did a nice stand stay with me doing the exam. Next week I'll ask the instructor to do the exam. I'm really having a blast with him.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wesley - Class 6

Wesley had his 6th puppy class last night and passed his STAR puppy. I'll put a picture up when I get his medallion and certificate from AKC. He was a very good boy and is getting better at working through distractions although he would love to play with all of the people and the other puppies. He is continuing on in a Puppy 2 class as I want him to practice working through distractions although I hate having to drive 40 miles to class.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Freestyle Seminar

I went to a freestyle seminar this weekend and had a great time. For the Saturday seminar I took Nori as my working dog as I had scheduled a private lesson (I had met with her orthopedic surgeon Friday and he said it was fine for her to go as long as we didn't do any jumping. He thought it would be good for her to do something she would really like. She had TPLO surgery this morning and is doing fine. Me....not so much. I'll be a basket case until I bring her home tomorrow.) She really enjoyed herself and did very well. We found a piece of music that she really liked and I will start working on the choreography while she recovers from the surgery. We won't be doing much of anything for a few months. I took Jamie on Sunday and he had a great time. He was so enthusiastic that I am going to have to do a new routine for him for a senior dog division. I took Wesley along both days. He didn't work in the seminar but he got to meet new people and new dogs. As always, he thoroughly enjoyed himself. I worked him in the ring during the breaks and he did really well. He acted like everyone had come to see him. I love his attitude. All in all it was a fun weekend and I am inspired to get back into freestyle.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Jamie and Wesley

I had thought that Jamie, at 10 years of age, might find Wesley annoying. Wesley wants to play 24/7. However, Jamie is really enjoying his new buddy and loves to play with him. Yesterday they had some cute tug games going but by the time I thought to sneak out and get the camera they were about tired out. Here are a couple of pictures of them together.