Saturday, July 30, 2011

Wesley 7/30

Here are some new pictures of Wesley (Blackthorn Ravenwood Come Fly With Me).

We have just started doing the first grid from Susan Salo's Puppy Jumping DVD. As you can see, he is quite enthusiastic. He won't start any real jumping for quite a while but he is doing a tunnel, chute, baby dogwalk and a buja board.

He loves to work on the theraball...might have something to do with all of the cookies. I had to put it up off the floor when we weren't using it as he was trying to jump on it when I didn't have it stabilized. The little munchkin will try anything.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wesley - Puppy Class Week 3

Wesley had his 3rd puppy class last night and I was very pleased with him. He is able to do loose lead heeling with the other puppies and to focus on me even though he would love to play with his classmates and their owners. We practiced letting the puppies run together and then calling them back to us and he did a great job. The other puppies in his class seem to have good social skills and they all played really well together. We also practiced recalls across the room and he came to me like a little spotted rocket. He got bored and did some barking in class 2 when other puppies were working so I have been practicing relaxation work with him. Last night he just sat and watched me or stood quietly and watched when another puppy had center stage. He is a delightful little boy and I couldn't be happier with him.

Nori is now off anti-inflammatory meds but still on crate rest and leash walking. If the symptoms don't return within a week we will be able to start gradually increasing her exercise. She wants to run so bad that I feel sorry for her.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Jamie and Nosework

Jamie had a great time at a fun nosework seminar yesterday. He was very tired as the dogs did a great deal of work but he gave it his all as he always does. We had 6 dogs working in very close quarters and there were only 1 or 2 incidents of dogs barking or indicating any displeasure at each other. Jamie was perfectly behaved with everyone. We covered a lot of ground in just 1 day. We ended with the dogs searching a room to find three pieces of food that someone else had hidden. Jamie did a really nice job and found all three pieces in a short time. I was so pleased with him. I'm hoping to find a canine nosework class sometime that doesn't conflict with something else I have to many little time.

Nori was not impressed that she had been left at home. I hope she will be allowed a little more freedom when she gets her re-check.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Wesley and Puppy Socialization Time

I took Wesley to puppy socialization time last night. It was a terrible drive in heavy traffic and took me much longer than anticipated. When we got there I discovered only 1 other puppy had shown up. The other puppy was a very rambunctious Lab that was 8 months old. I had thought there would be puppies from Wesley's puppy class. Wesley had not dealt with a rough and tumble dog as his playmates have been either his age or they have been adults who know how to play gently. After about 30 seconds I almost ended the play because I thought the Lab was just too rough. I let it go a little longer and he seemed to figure out he would have to be a little tougher with her. After a short time they were playing nicely, albeit roughly, and he was having a grand time. I was very pleased that I could call him away from the play and he would come to me and give me his full attention to do some heeling, sits, down, stays, etc. and then could be released back to play mode. Both pups were exhausted by the time we left. He slept all the way home but had his energy back by the time we got home. Wish I had that kind of energy recovery!!! Wesley enjoyed meeting some new people and was a perfect gentleman with a little girl.  I was concerned that after the rough play he might try that on my adults at home but he didn't. He played calmly and quietly with them. I think he is getting to be very good at reading other dogs and he will have excellent social skills as he matures.

Nori is not enjoying crate rest at all. Her leg seems to be better as she walks with full weight on it but I know we still have a way to go before she can resume more normal activities.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wesley Pictures

I was emailed a reminder that I haven't posted pictures of Wesley in over a week so here are some new ones. It's been hectic around here. Nori partially ruptured a cruciate ligament so she is on crate rest and can only be walked on lead. I am supposed to walk (really just walk, not trot) her a couple of miles each day. Those of you who know Nori know that crate rest is not her thing. It's been so hot that about the only time we can actually walk is early in the morning or well after sunset.