Sunday, January 1, 2012

Wesley and the rally run through

I took Wesley to rally run throughs today and was very pleased with him. On his first run two dogs got into a little spat just outside the ring right next to the 2nd station sign as we were approaching and he got distracted but then so did I. He refocused in just a couple of seconds and finished the rest of the course quite nicely. The facility has brand new fake grass and I really thought he might try to sniff his way around but he only sniffed once and that was while he was in a down. His 2nd run was much better. He had a slightly crooked sit on one station but the rest of the work was just a lot of compliments from the other exhibitors. I was very pleased with that run because we had been standing away from the ring and a whole bunch of children were petting him when the woman pretending to be the judge called me. He went in completely cold turkey and sat very straight at the start line with his eyes on me. He met a bunch of new people and dogs and had a very good time. I'm so pleased with how well he handles new situations. Weather permitting, I'll take him to run throughs again next weekend.